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About the Festoon Co.(nnections) Founder:

Ycoy Sitchon is the CEO of La Belle Fete, one of the leading event companies in the country. A certified visionary, she believes that for businesses to succeed, they must learn to adapt fluidly to changes. An advocate of innovation, Ycoy leads her teams under her different ventures to grasp the value of marketing strategies, the significance of creating a brand DNA, and building a corporate image. Similarly, she uses these tenets to educate clients about the importance of solid business plans.

With just eight years in the business, La Belle Fete has secured its top spot alongside successful event planning companies in the Philippines. In the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ycoy was able to build three thriving enterprises that fit the distinctive needs of their target customers.

She is a graduate of Economics at the University of the Philippines. She worked as Chief Operating Officer of an Australian BPO company after working for universal and foreign banks as a government securities trader and investment banker.

She indulges in the beauty of life as she both works as a CEO and mom of two. When she is not curating concepts, running businesses, and whipping up events, she immerses herself in worthwhile experiences from trying out new restaurants, traveling, and discovering hobbies.

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